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Foreground Service - Android Only


To ensure the efficiency and reliability of our SDK, we utilize the FOREGROUND_SERVICE_DATA_SYNC permission. This permission is crucial for our operations, as it enables our service to run in the foreground. This approach ensures that the process of sending captured documents to the backend for data extraction is not interrupted, thus providing a smooth and effective user experience.

Importance of the FOREGROUND_SERVICE_DATA_SYNC Permission

After capturing documents, our SDK sends them to the backend for data extraction. The use of a Foreground Service is essential to prevent interruptions in this process, ensuring that developers receive accurate and up-to-date responses based on the processed information.

Given the importance of this permission for the operation of our SDK, it is likely that the Google Play Store will ask developers to complete a form explaining why their app requires this permission. This procedure is part of Google's policies on transparency and security to ensure that foreground services are used appropriately.

How to Comply with This Google Play Store Request:

  1. Complete the Google Play Store Form: It is crucial to detail that the `FOREGROUND_SERVICE_DATA_SYNC` permission is used to maintain an uninterrupted process of transmitting documents to the backend, which is vital for efficient data extraction.
  2. Prepare a Demonstrative Video: You will need to create a video showing how the capture of documents and their subsequent upload to the backend activate the foreground service. This video must demonstrate the necessity and legitimate use of the permission for the proper functioning of your application with our SDK.

We understand that meeting these additional requirements may pose a challenge. However, it is an essential step to comply with Play Store policies and ensure a secure experience for users. We deeply appreciate your effort and cooperation in navigating this process.

For any questions or additional assistance related to this procedure, our team is ready to support you.